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If you are in the European Union perhaps GDPR makes sense to you.  I am completely confused so I have simply removed all my posts.  I quite honestly cannot make sense of the regulations.  I'm not a business, I'm not making any money off of blogging and I'm not capturing or selling any data.  However, I'm using software that I didn't write to do the blog and I have no clue what it may capture or what it may do with data.  How can I possibly be responsible for things that are happening without my knowledge or permission?

So if you are a European the safest thing to do is simply assume the worst and go away now.  I can't give you any opt in opt out option because I haven't got the vaguest idea how that is supposed to work.  I just wasted several hours trying to figure out what the simplest solution is to protect myself and as far as I can tell this is some kind of protection racket.  I'm sure it started off as something that was well intentioned, but polit…